Film Commission Training

Through the AFCNet, Locations Africa offers a range of training options for film commission, film office and other professional staff tasked with promoting and developing film capacity at a municipal later.

Courses include:

The AFCNet Course for Film Industry Spokespersons
This course is designed for government personnel tasked with promoting, managing and facilitating film production on behalf of their respective jurisdictions. Participants will be film commission, film office, tourism office, chamber of commerce, investment promotion agency or any other government department or agency. Participants will learn the key industry talking points around WHY film is important to communities. The course content covers the range of reasons why governments around the world have proactively developed film sector capacity, including the benefits of economic development and job creation, tourism benefits, social and reputational impacts and other important factors. Armed with the knowledge and information from this course, participants will be able represent their areas / jurisdictions / regions as a Film Contact and to speak confidently and authoritatively to a range of stakeholders on the benefits of engagement with the film sector.

Please visit the AFCNet’s Teachable site for more information.