Membership Requirements

To encourage professionalization of Africa’s Film Commissions, members of the Network are required to meet the following criteria, as set out by the Association of Film Commissioners International

Members must be endorsed and supported as the film commission (or appropriate investment / tourism agency) for a defined geographic area, by the respective national, state, provincial or local government. The member must verify and document this mandate annually and at the time of application.

Members must not be or be controlled by a private for-profit company or business organization, proprietary commercial entity or labour union.

Members must avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest between the official duties and services of the film commission office and the private financial interests of the film commissioner and film commission employees. Such persons must avoid employment by or significant financial holdings in production companies, vendor or service business that provide commercial products or services in film and television production.

Members must provide or intend to provide full film liaison and location services, and location scouting upon request to the production community. The film commission must provide service and support from the initial contact to the close of production, including also on-call problem solving. In providing its services, the film commission should work with and be supportive of the local production community, particularly in the areas of information and referral services.
Members must act as liaison between the Industry and all levels and units of government.