Martin Cuff

Based in Cape Town, Martin Cuff is a sought-after consultant, marketer, producer, strategist, speaker, writer and trainer. He is Africa’s leading authority on Film Commissions and on government interactions with the film industry on location. He has worked across five continents to support and develop film production capacity and filming-on-location, with extensive experience in countries ranging from Serbia to Peru, the USA, Republic of Georgia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Sweden and Namibia. He is the former Executive Director of the Association of Film Commissioners International, (the global body representing the interests of over 350 governments from more than 45 countries), the former Film Commissioner of the State of Colorado in the USA, the Cape Film Commissioner in South Africa, the Acting Manager of the Cape Town Film Permit Office, the former Chief Operations Officer of Sithengi, the Southern African Film and Television Market and the Chairman of the South African Association of Stills Producers.

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