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Welcome to Locations Africa!

For almost 6 years we have been silently building in the background to bring you a portal that collectively, yes you are part of the global team, we establish a deeper understanding of filming and photography locations, facilities and crew active and in place across Africa. Locations Africa re-launches at a time when the world is ready for change, when the world looks back remembers what it looked like and then look forward to our new and best lives.
When we started the project back in 2015, it came out of a realisation that there are pockets of information and pockets of regions and countries that appeared to be active in the value chain yet, we knew that there had to be more, Africa is a BIG continent after all.
In 2015 we set out to research the need and our assumptions were all proven and so we launched.
Our first touch point was the previous website that served as a general portal of information. This newly updated site, we created as a magazine, so we could fill it with interesting editorials, links, footage, images, data and more as we grow.
We invite you to be part of our journey and ask that you too assist in filling in the blanks, which essentially means that you can tell us your story and what you do in the creative production value chain.
List your facilities! If you own facilities, be it a studio, vehicle hire, wardrobe supplies, camera equipment, props, anything in the filming value chain, list them here. As the database grows, we will run features in a bid to promote the variety of facilities across the continent. If you are skilled in any area of filming and stills photography, we welcome you to list here  also.
Are you a film authority or are you looking to start a commission? Locations Africa through our sister program African Film Commission Network (AfCNet) we have training programs for your team to up skill or to start out. For more information about AfCNet, please contact afcnet@locationsafrica.com
I am excited about our interactive site, though right now I am hugely excited about the upcoming hybrid conference Locations Africa 2021. Streaming live from Johannesburg over two days October 6th & 7th 2021 we will discuss the current and future situation of Locations, shooting, management, incentives, facilities and skills on our continent. We have put together a great program with speakers from across the continent and the rest of the world. I think that we need to come together right now (safely of course) to share ideas and challenges and chart a positive and exciting way forward.
Another new feature to our offering is our advisory board who will work with the operational team to guide the the strategic intent. We have a committee of experts from across the world who have a keen interest or work in the industry. From Australia we have Kevin Jennings who is the President of the AFCI Association of Film Commissions International, Lethepu Matshaba a Marketing Executive from South Africa and Martin Cuff a Creative Industry Specialist based in Serbia For their full profiles click here.
So now I invite you to sit back click forward and flick through our new magazine website.

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