Constitutional Hill, Braamfontein

Constitutional Hill

Braamfontein, South Africa - Oct 4 - 6, 2022

Locations  Africa  Conference  is  a conference   and   expo   that showcases  and  discusses  South Africa and Africa’s ability to shoot films and to service inbound films who want to shoot on location.

The conference is unifying event in that it services a need of multiple levels of the filmmaking value chain to congregate and share ideas, thus responding to country imperatives of  Social  Cohesion,  job  creation, induced economic benefits added to that, tourism exposure.


The  theme  rationale  sets  the  tone  for  finding  the  best locations and sharing them and unpacking the wonders of the location.

When we are looking for a place or seemingly getting lost, the Location Pin has become a tool of comfort that with its guidance, we will find where and what we are looking for. Locations Africa is the tool of comfort because a producer can find what they are looking for through our efforts.

Taking the conference to the next level of being a global conference of collaborative locations for film production, it is about finding the the paths of least resistance with location, facilities and world class crew.