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COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to re-think how we interact with each other and how we move forward with business expansion and projected growth.

The pandemic has had devastating affects in many ways, however, we have learnt how to bring each other closer from across borders.

The LOCATIONS AFRICA conference and expo has learnt to pivot in responding to the new world order of communications and adapted to developing a hybrid delivery of the conference for 2021.

2021 will see an advancement on the the virtual to have a fully hybrid event taking place in October 2021.

Delegates have the opportunity to interact with each other and debate with panelists live in-house

Select Filmmakers from the local area would participate in situ with capacity of minimum people to be within the COVID-19 regulations.

They and all other delegates will be able to watch the streamed discussions and we would host live in venue panel discussions.

Conference Sponsorship

The conference is set up to fill the void between production, creation and financing and the role of exhibition and goes into details on physical production; Locations, Servicing, Facilities, Skills/crew, location and post-production incentives, creative shooting, shooting for 3D/VFX/CGI/Green Screen, technology in the production process, pivoting due to pandemics and other relevant topics.

Partnerships  will assist us in bringing this high-level discussion forum to the industry helping to move the needle forward on creating more awareness of this major part of the filming value chain where most of the expenditure rests and technology adapts.

Africa is a fast paced and growing market across all audio-visual creative genres and they all have one thing in common, that is the skills, locations and facilities requirements to produce and the post-production requirements.

The partnership will give you access to filmmakers from the continent and experts in the field who continue to produce high-end world class productions.

The conference also services the critical need to upskill entrants into the servicing market, filmmakers who have the professional expertise to produce their own creative projects but have not pivoted to servicing.

Conference Speakers

This two-day conference is hinged on discussing the strategic role facilitation is and the role of content production.

Our aim by the close of the session is to have imparted knowledge to filmmakers wanting work cross boarder and for inbound producers to gain a stronger sense of understanding of the current situation and facilities on the ground. 

We are extending the conversation slightly to include items on Content development and how to shoot great content. We will discuss budgeting for servicing, shooting on location and rebates. The huge element of discussion will be technology and how we have had to pivot to respond to briefs and the growth of VFX, 3D Locations, VR and the infamous green screen. Industries that would be talked upon are Film, Commercials, short form content for streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook and content produced for streaming platforms such as NETFLIX, Amazon, Disney+, Showmax and other incoming players.